About Us

About Us

We are Team of  Best Vascular Surgeons in Hyderabad, India. Who had fast Experience in the field of Various Kinds of Vascular Veins Treatments.
Dr Shailesh kumar Garge is the One who had Vast Experience in the field of Vascular veins start this Citi Vascular centre with an aim to good treatments to the People who are suffering with various kinds of fibroid embolisation, varicocele embolisation, bleeder embolisation Thrombolysis– catheter directed, thrombosuctions, embolectomy, DVT management, AVM, AVF and various vascular malformation management


  1. Laser treatment for varicose veins and piles, perianal fistulas, fissures and pilonidal sinus

  2. All embolisation procedures like fibroid embolisation, varicocele embolisation, bleeder embolisation
  3. Thrombolysis- catheter directed, thrombosuctions, embolectomy, DVT management
  4. AVM, AVF and various vascular malformation management
  5. Foot ulcers management,

  6. Balloon angioplasty and stenting in peripheral arterial disease and critical limb ischemia.

  7. Venous stenting like SVC, IVC.
  8. Aortic aneurysm treatment-EVAR, TEVAR
  9. Rradiofrequency ablation of tumors and other onco-interventions.
  10. Hepatobiliary interventions- PTBD, Biliary stenting, Budd-Chiari management
  11. Neuro-vascular interventions including carotid stenting, aneurysm coiling, AVM embolisation, stroke management
  12. Pain management like ozone therapy, facetal blocks, celiac block, etc.
  13. Dialysis fistula management- thrombolysis, venous stenting.

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What Our Patients Say

Hello Doctor Shailesh. It was nice meeting you. Thank you very much for your excellent treatment. i really appreciate you for your patience and the expertise knowledge. Thanks.. Chinna

Patient Jitendra-Chinna
Hyderabad, India

Hello Dr. Shailesh, the great…! I am so proud of you, ur talency and courtesy. I beg the lord to bless you, give you the power and health to please all your patients. I wish you all the best, hoping to see you again, with my sincere appreciation and gratitute…!! Yours.. Moutasim Ibrahim

Patient: Moutasim Ibrahim
Hyderabad, India

I have Consulted here for my uncle. After consulting many doctors I heard the name of Dr. Shailesh Garge and finally got the best results rather than surgery he treated it by medicines and save our money. So I would suggest any of my relatives to consult you .

Akshay Khaire
Hyderabad, India

Very Helpful Doctor I have consulted Dr Shailesh sir - many times and found him very helpful as he guided us properly and even given other speciality doctors reference correctly... U can always take 2 or 3 opinion from him even though other famous doctors are there who are doing TV show and newspaper ads as they know if they do 1 surgery then we ll get back their money. So I highly recommend to take 2nd opinion from him.

Raveendranath Diguva
Hyderabad, India
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