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Non-Surgical Pain Treatment Cost in Hyderabad

Do you know that Non-Surgical Pain treatment cost in Hyderabad varies a lot? Find out how much it costs to get rid of Chronic Pain. All you need to know about Non-Surgical Pain Treatment Costs. Find out how much it cost for Non-Surgical Pain treatment in Hyderabad
How Much Does a Non-Surgical Pain Treatment Cost in India?
There are several treatments available for Chronic Pain. Some of them are surgical and some are non-surgical.
The average cost of Non-Surgical Pain Treatment in India is usually between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 20000.
However, the prices may vary depending upon the hospitals in different cities, the type of treatment, and disease stage and location. 

  • The lowest cost in India begins from Rs. 2000
  • The average cost in India can be approximately Rs. 5000
  • The maximum cost in India is up to Rs. 20000

What is the Average Cost of Non-Surgical Pain Treatment in  Hyderabad?  
The average cost of Non-Surgical Pain Treatment in Hyderabad is Rs. 1500 to Rs. 18000.
There are many factors that affect the cost of pain treatment. It can be higher or lower depending on the hospital you are admitted to, the nature of your disease, and the type of treatment you are undergoing like tendonitis pain, muscle or tendon sprains or partial tears, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, Plantar Fascitis, Achilis tendinitis pain, Elbow pain like Medial and lateral epicondylitis, slip disc, herniated disc, disc bulge, sciatica pain, sacroiliitis joint pain, cancer pain, trigeminal neuralgia, rotator cuff tendinitis, shoulder pain, bursitis pain, rotator cuff partial tear, tenosynovitis, trigger finger, selective nerve blocks, facet joint injection, etc.
What is Non-Surgical Pain Treatment Cost at Citi Vascular Hospital?
Non-Surgical Pain treatment cost at Citi Vascular Hospital varies from Rs.2000 to Rs. 15000  depending upon the type of treatment, anesthesia, equipment used, patient’s condition, and the number of sessions required.
We offer a wide range of treatments for non-surgical pain management at our facility including. To ease the pain and discomfort to the patient, we have ozone therapy, PRP therapy, RF ablation, which are very effective in treating chronic pain.
We are one of the best Non-Surgical Pain treatment hospitals in Hyderabad at an affordable cost and have one of the best doctors for Non-Surgical Pain treatment.
Whom to Contact if Suffering from Chronic Pain?
If you are suffering from Chronic Pain, then you should contact the Pain Management specialists at Citi Vascular Hospital.
We offer all kinds of treatment options for Chronic Pain whichever best suits the patient. For exact cost estimation of Non-Surgical Pain treatment, WhatsApp on 7337583901.