Vascular Malformation

Vascular Malformation


Why should you get Vascular Malformation Treated?

Can lead to permanent damage to blood vessels

Clots formation

Infection called cellulitis

Non Healing ulcers can form


What are the benefits of Vascular Malformation Treatment?

20 Mins Vascular Malformation Embolization Procedure

Same-Day Discharge after venous malformation and Lymphatic malformation foam sclerotherapy

No risk of recurrence

No pain / no stitches / no scars

Resume work in few days


Vascular Malformation Video\:-


Lymphatic Malformation:



What are the advantages of Vascular Malformation Embolisation Treatment?

  Open Surgery Embolization
Cuts, Stitches Yes No
Pain Painful Painless
Blood loss Yes No
Infection Chance Yes No
Rest after surgery 3-4 weeks Can resume work in few days
Anesthesia Required Not required


Why choose Citi Vascular Hospital?

Free Diagnostics Admitted Patients only

Free Medicines For Admitted Patients only

Same-Day Discharge

Complete recovery in 1-2 days

7000+ Successful procedures

100% Insurance coverage. Zero money from your pocket depending on your insurance policy terms and conditions. Paper work by our team on your behalf, Contact us for more details.

0% EMI facility.

Dedicated Care Buddy. Personal Care

No Cuts or Wounds

USFDA Approved


What are Vascular Malformations?


Vascular Anomalies are diffuse collections of vascular abnormalities present at birth or soon after.

Vascular Malformation is a defect of morphogenesis. The majority are present at birth and persist throughout life.



What are the types of Vascular Malformations?

Low Flow

High Flow

Venous Malformations (VM)

Lymphatic Malformations (LM)

Mixed Malformations

Arteriovenous Malformations (AVM)


vascular malformation .img

What are the symptoms of Vascular Malformation?

The symptoms mainly depend on the type of vascular malformation and the location, otherwise



Skin discoloration


vascular malformation


How Vascular Malformation is detected?

Physical examination

Ultrasound and Doppler: Most common and preferred diagnostic test for VM.

CT Angiogram: Most Important test

MRI and MR Angiogram and Venogram: If further information is required.

DSA: to confirm.


What are the treatments for Vascular Malformations?

Treatment options for vascular malformations depend on the type of vascular malformation, location, number, size, etc and its ranges from conservations

1.     Conservative treatment

2.     Percutaneous Treatment – Sclerotherapy using foam, bleomycin, etc

3.     Endovascular therapy – Embolization using glue, onyx, coils, PVA particles, etc

4.     Vascular malformation Surgery

5.     Radiation treatment.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1.Does Insurance cover Vascular Malformation Treatment?

Typically, most insurances cover Vascular Malformation Surgery Cost in Hyderabad. For more details, whatsapp on 7337583901 or 7032508464.


2.What is the recovery time after the Vascular Malformation Treatment?

You can start walking after 4-8 hours vascular malformation treatment. Minimal pain might be there but there won’t be any effects on your daily routine.


3.Are there any side effects of Vascular Malformation Treatment?

Usually, there are no major side effects after the Vascular Malformation treatment. In fact, you can start walking 4-8 hrs after Venous Malformation treatment. Minimal pain can happen initially but doesn’t hamper your daily routine. For Details, discuss with the doctor.


4.What is Vascular Malformation Embolisation?

 Vascular Malformation Embolisation, performed by an interventional radiologist in Cath Lab, is a minimally invasive technique that permanently blocks abnormal vascular communications.


5.What is the Cost of Vascular Malformation Treatment in Hyderabad?

The cost of Vascular Malformation Surgery in hyderabad depends upon multiple factors and ranges from Rs. 30,000 to 2,00,000. For more details about the cost of vascular malformation treatment, whatsapp on 7337583901 or 7032508468.


6.What is the best treatment for Vascular Malformation?

The Percutaneous Vascular Malformation Embolisation is the latest and most advanced vascular malformation treatment at affordable price.


7.Which is the best hospital for Vascular Malformation Treatment?

*Citi Vascular Hospital is the best hospital for Vascular Malformation Surgery in hyderabad, doing the highest number of embolization procedures at affordable cost.


8.Who is the best doctor for Vascular Malformation treatment?

Dr. Shaileshkumar Garge is the best doctor for Vascular Malformation Treatment in Hyderabad. He has performed the highest number of Venous malformation treatment without surgery with the highest success rate at affordable cost in hyderabad.

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