treatment for vacuum assisted breast biopsy

vacuum assisted breast biopsy

What is a vacuum-assisted breast biopsy?
Vacuum-assisted breast biopsy (VABB) is an imaginative tissue testing procedure. It is a unique technique where your specialist can eliminate a sample of Breast tissue through negligible access.
Vacuum-assisted breast biopsy permits specialists to get to breast anomalies (harmless and dangerous) through a little and single entry point without leaving any scars.
What are vacuum-assisted breast biopsy indications?
A breast biopsy is demonstrated when a patient showcases symptoms of breast irregularity or when she goes through her standard screening dependent on her dangerous elements of the concerning infection. However, an open breast biopsy isn’t viewed as an exceptionally best choice among patients as it causes an adjusted appearance of your breast which can be an upsetting encounter.
As vacuum-assisted breast biopsy is a scarless breast a medical procedure mediation. VABB is demonstrated for both indicative and helpful reasons.
Vacuum-assisted breast biopsy indications to include:

  • Non-dangerous breast lump caused by fibroadenomas
  • More than one non-dangerous breast lumps
  • Repetitive fibroadenomas
  • Constant spots on the breast that cause severe pain
  • A vacuum-assisted breast biopsy is demonstrated for the patient’s lower likelihood of coming for a subsequent strategy. It might likewise be suggested on the off chance that the patient feels amazingly restless and anxious.

Dr Shailesh Kumar Garge, leading breast surgeon at Citi Vascular Hospital, explores this technology, vacuum-assisted breast biopsy indications.