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Vasectomy Treatment Cost

Vasectomy Cost in Hyderabad | How Much Does It Really Cost? A blog with information on how much does it really cost to get Vasectomy Surgery in Hyderabad.
Do you know that  Vasectomy Cost in Hyderabad varies a lot? Find out how much it costs for male family planning operation.
All you need to know about Vasectomy Treatment Cost
Vasectomy is a surgical procedure where the sperm carrying vas deferens tubes are cut to avoid the semen from carrying the sperm. The sperm present in the testicles is then absorbed by the body. This procedure is almost 100% effective male family planning operation. It is a permanent but reversible procedure, however, it does not guarantee success in conceiving a child after reversing. So, think twice before opting for this surgery. Find out how much it Cost for Vasectomy in Hyderabad.
How Much Does a Vasectomy Surgery Cost in India?
The average cost of Vasectomy in India is usually between Rs.11,500 to Rs. 95,050. However, the prices may vary depending upon the hospitals in different cities, the type of surgery and disease stage. 

  • The lowest cost in India begins from Rs.11,500
  • The average cost in India can be approximately Rs. 15,050
  • The maximum cost in India is up to Rs.95,050

What is the Average Cost of Vasectomy Surgery in Hyderabad?
The average cost of Vasectomy Surgery in Hyderabad is Rs 12,500 to 40,090. There are many factors that affect the cost of treatment. It can be higher or lower depending on the hospital you are admitted to, the nature of your disease, and the type of treatment you are undergoing like Vasectomy with a scalpel and without a scalpel, Laser vasectomy.
What is Vasectomy Surgery Cost at Citi Vascular Hospital?
Vasectomy Surgery Cost at Citi Vascular Hospital varies from Rs 15,000 to Rs 40,000 depending upon the type of treatment, anesthesia, equipment used, patient’s condition, and the number of sessions required. We offer a wide range of Treatments for Vasectomy at our facility including Open Vasectomy surgery, etc. To ease the pain and discomfort to the patient, we have an advanced treatment called No-Scalpel Vasectomy and Laser Vasectomy, which is very effective in male family planning operations. We are one of the Best Vasectomy Surgery Hospital in Hyderabad at an affordable cost and has one of the Best Doctors for Vasectomy Surgery.
Whom to Contact if looking for a male family planning operation?
If you are looking for Vasectomy Surgery, then you should contact the vasectomy specialists at Citi Vascular Hospital. We offer all kinds of treatment options for vasectomy whichever best suits the patient. For exact cost estimation of vasectomy surgery, WhatsApp on 7337583901.