Osteoid Osteoma Treatment


Why you should not delay in Osteoid osteoma Ablation treatment?

• Increase in pain
• Difficulty in weight wearing
• Muscle weakness due to limb disuse

What are the benefits of Osteoid osteoma Microwave Ablation treatment?

  • Minimllay invasive
  • Only bone lesion is treated, so its bone preserving treatment
  • Very less risk compared to bone surgery
  • 1-day discharge
  • Quick recovery

Why you should not Fear Osteoid osteoma Microwave?

  • No major complications like muscle weakness, fractures, neurovascular injury
  • No major risk of infection

What are the advantages of Osteoid osteoma Ablation treatment?

  Traditional Surgery Osteoid osteoma Ablation treatment
Cuts and Wounds Yes No
Pain High No
Blood loss Yes No
Time 3 hr 10 min
Rest after surgery 3-4 weeks 1-2 days
Hospital Stay 3-4 days 1 Day


Why choose Citi Vascular Hospital?

  • Free Diagnostics
  • Free Medicines
  • Same Day Discharge
  • Complete recovery in 1-2 days
  • 7000+ Successful procedures
  • 100% Insurance coverage. Zero money from your pocket.
  • 0% EMI facility.
  • Dedicated Care Buddy. Personal Care
  • No Cuts or Wounds
  • USFDA Approved

Minimally Invasive Bone Tumor Ablation Treatment

What is Bone Tumor Thermal Ablation Treatment?

 Ablation Treatment is a needle based treatment that destroys benign or cancerous or otherwise abnormal tissue in bone like osteoid osteoma, osteoblastoma.

bone tumor ablation


What are the common ablation treatment methods?

  • Extreme Heat – Radiofrequency and microwave ablation treatment
  • Extreme Cold – Cryoablation treatment
  • Additional ablation treatment methods – chemical, laser, HIFU

Whether using cold or heat to kill bone tumour cells, the process begins by placing probes into the bone tumour under the image guidance to avoid harming adjacent tissues and to obtain an effective treatment.

The choice of the ablation treatment method is tailord to each patient. It may be used alone or in combination with other treatment, such as Microwave or RFA.

bone tumor ablation treatment


When is the osteoid osteoma ablation treatment is the good choice?

  • Surgery is too risky
  • Osteoid osteomas cause pain
  • Precision is required
  • A less invasive treatment is preferred
  • Future treatments may be needed for new osteoid osteomas

Bone tumor ablation treatment

What is the cost of Osteoid osteoma Ablation treatment Procedure?

The Osteoid osteoma Ablation treatment Cost is approximately 1 to 1.8 lac but it can vary and depends on various factors like

  • Type of Ablation Treatment methods
  • Technique and equipment used
  • Room Category
  • For best estimation – consultation by surgeon is required.


                                      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)



  1. Does Insurance cover Osteoid osteoma Ablation Treatment Cost?

Usually yes. Our Team will help you. Whatsapp your reports on 7337583901.


  1. What is the recovery time after Osteoid osteoma Ablation treatment?

The recovery time is usually 1-2 days for minimally invasive image guided osteoid osteoma ablation treatment at Citi Vascular Hospital.


  1. What is the Osteoid Osteoma Ablation Treatment Cost?

The cost of Osteoid Osteoma Ablation Treatment depends upon multiple factors and ranges from Rs. 1,00,000 to 1,80,000.


  1. What is the best Osteoid osteoma Treatment?

The Osteoid osteoma Microwave Ablation treatment is the latest and most advanced painless procedure for the osteoid osteomas.


  1. Which is the best hospital for Osteoid osteoma Ablation treatment?

Citi Vascular Hospital is the best hospital for Osteoid osteoma Ablation treatment, doing the highest number of Osteoid osteoma Ablation treatment procedures.


  1. Who is the best doctor for Osteoid osteoma Ablation Treatment treatment?

Dr Shaileshkumar Garge is the best the doctor for Osteoid osteoma Ablation Treatment in Hyderabad.


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