Rare Vascular Surgery is done by Dr. Shaileshkumar Garge

A 58-year male came to Dr Shailesh Kumar after 3 days with severe unbearable pain in left upper limb. For 3 days he was getting treated at local doctors for the pain but the pain increased. When he came to dr Shailesh, his hand was cold, no ability to move his hand with adequate power, no pulse was felt. Doppler confirmed no blood flow in his left upper limb from the level of the proximal arm. The doctor explained patient relatives about the seriousness of the condition that we may have to remove his hand to save his life as the left upper was dying because of no blood flow for 3 days. But Dr. Shaileshkumar made an attempt by performing excellent surgery of thrombolysis and thrombosuction as there were extensive clots in the whole left upper arteries and clots became very hard over 3 days of delay. But still, Dr. Shailesh could manage to clear all the clots and restore his blood supply to save his limb and life.