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Will I be infertile if I have varicoceles| Do pushups cause varicocele| Does cycling worsen a varicocele

Will I be infertile if I have varicoceles?
Varicocele is the most common cause of primary male infertility (around 20%) and secondary male infertility (40%). Varicocele causes grade dependent and duration dependent effects on the testes. if you are suffering with the varicoceles since many years and if you have a higher grade of varicocele then you need to see your doctor to check if there is any effect on the sperm quality and quantity. However varicocele does not cause infertility in each and every patient.
Do pushups cause varicocele?
Practices like running, weightlifting, and concentrated workout (counting push-ups, pull-ups, or troublesome yoga presents) can put superfluous strain on your vascular framework and possibly harm your valves considerably more. Also activities like heavy weightlifting can increase your abdominal pressure which will be reflected in the scrotum. So there is possibility that it can Increase the varicocele symptoms and also form the varicocele.
Does cycling worsen a varicocele?
A varicocele often causes no symptoms. You may notice: Dull testicular pain or scrotal aching, which often gets better when you lie down. Symptoms that get worse after certain activities, such as bike riding, cycling or being on your feet for hours.
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