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At Citi Vascular Centre, we're dedicated to keeping your information safe. We follow rules and laws to protect your privacy. This document explains how we handle your personal information when you use our website at https://www.citivascularcentre.com. When we say "You" or "Your," we mean you, the user. "We," "Us," and "Our" refer to Citi Vascular Centre.

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We get your personal information from you, other people, and our website. This includes details like the device you're using, when you visit our site, your IP address, and more. You can see and change the info you share with us.


By choosing to share your info on our website or using our services, you're agreeing to how we handle your personal information. You're giving us permission to collect, store, process, and share your info as explained here. You're doing this willingly, knowing how we'll use your information. If you provide incorrect info, we're not responsible for any loss.

 Control over Your Info:

You can change your mind and tell us to stop using your info. But keep in mind, this might affect the services we can provide

Changes to the Terms and Conditions:

We can update these terms at any time. We'll show the date of the latest changes, and if it's a big change, we'll let you know.

Personal Info Collected:

We collect various info about you, like your name, birthdate, contact details, health info, and more. This includes sensitive info like biometrics, genetic data, and your beliefs.
- Patient/Caregiver/Doctor/Health Care Professional Name
- Birth date/age
- Gender
- Address (including country and pin/postal code)
- Phone number/mobile number
- Email address
- Physical, physiological, and mental health conditions
- Personal medical records and history
- Valid financial information during product/service purchase or online payment
- Login ID and password
- User details at registration or afterwards
- Records of interaction with AAH representatives
- Usage details such as time, frequency, duration, and pattern of use
- Master and transaction data and other data stored in your user account
- Any other information willingly shared by you (collectively referred to as “Personal Information”)
- Biometrics data
- Genetic Data
- Transgender Status
- Intersex Status
- Caste or Tribe
- Religious or political belief or affiliation
- Sexual orientation

How We Collect Info:

We get your info when you register on our website, talk to our staff, use our services, and more. 
 Filling out the patient registration form
- Providing details to an AAH Health Care Professional or AAH representative
- Registration on Our Website
- Providing Your Personal Information during the course of receiving services
- Using the features on Our Website
- Providing access to any other website
- Use of cookies 

Use of Personal Info:

We use your info for things like providing services, improving our website, contacting you about appointments or issues, and for research.

  • We use your information to provide you with the best services possible. Our ongoing efforts involve improving our website and services based on your feedback and needs. We strive to enhance our information, services, and technology through continuous study and research.
  • Our communication with you includes setting up appointments, resolving technical issues, reminding you about payments, and sharing special deals or offers. You may also receive promotional emails about our services or products, as well as ads for our offerings and those of other companies.
  • In the event of changes, such as a merger or acquisition, your information may be transferred. We collaborate with business partners to deliver the services you've requested. Your information is used to fulfill agreements and comply with the law.
  • We create a profile about you on our website to improve your experience. Additionally, we may use your information to respond to legal processes or investigations. Personal information is aggregated and analyzed for research, statistics, and business planning purposes.
  • Rest assured, we take your privacy seriously and handle your information with care. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us.

Sharing and Transferring Info:

With your permission, we may share your info with others, even in different countries. We'll make sure they follow the same privacy rules.

Use of Cookies:

We may put temporary or permanent cookies on your computer to improve your experience. You can control this in your browser settings.


We do our best to keep your info secure, but remember the internet isn't entirely safe.

Third-Party References and Links:

Sometimes, we may mention or link to third parties. We don't control them, so check their terms and privacy policies.

Updating Your Info:

If you need to correct or update your info, let us know through email.

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