pilonidal sinus treatment in hyderabad
pilonidal sinus treatment in hyderabad

Why you should not delay Pilonidal Cyst/Sinus Surgery?

  • Unable to sit causing impact on daily activities
  • Spreading of internal infection.
  • Abscess formation
  • Bleeding from the pilonidal sinus
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Why choose Citi Vascular Hospital?

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What are the benefits of Laser Pilonidal Sinus Treatment?

  • 10 Mins of Laser Pilonidal Sinus Surgery
  • Same-Day Discharge after pilonidal sinus removal
  • No pain / no stitches / no scars after laser pilonidal sinus
  • Resume work next day after pilonidal sinus excision
  • Highest Success Rate after pilonidal sinus operation

What are the advantages of Pilonidal Cyst/Sinus Laser Treatment?

treatment Pilonidal Sinus Surgery Laser Treatment for Pilonidal Sinus
Cuts, Stitches Yes No
Pain Yes No
Blood Loss Yes No
Infection Chances Yes No
Rest after surgery 3-4Days Can resume work next day
Procedure Time Long 10 Minuets

What is Pilonidal Sinus or Pilonidal Cyst?

A pilonidal cyst or sinus is an abnormal pocket in the skin near the tailbone at the buttocks region. It usually contains skin, dirt and hair debris. If it gets infected, pus or abscess forms which are quite painful.

What are the symptoms of Pilonidal Cyst or Sinus?

Pilonidal Cyst Or Sinus symptoms may vary with different stages:

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pus or blood 

What are the Causes for Pilonidal Cyst or Pilonidal Sinus?

  • Sitting for Long hours
  • Hair Puncture
  • Wearing tight clothes
  • Excess Sweating in the region of Pilonidal Cyst or Pilonidal Sinus
  • Obesity
  • Hormonal Changes

What are Treatments for Pilonidal Cyst or Sinus?

The Treatment of Pilonidal Cyst or Pilonidal Sinus depends on type and nature of cyst or Sinus

Medical Management of Pilonidal Cyst or Sinus with antibiotics at an early stage of disease

If Recurrent or Complicated or advanced stages, Pilonidal Cyst or Pilonidal are treated with A) Open Surgery or B) Laser Treatment.

A) Open Surgery of Pilonidal Cyst or Pilonidal Sinus is done after giving local anesthesia, an irritant chemical is given and scraping is done to remove the pilonidal cyst or sinus entirely.

B) Laser Pilonidal Cyst or Pilonidal Sinus Surgery is regarded as the most effective treatment for Pilonidal Sinus or Pilonidal cysts. In this least invasive treatment, a particular laser fiber is used to send high-intensity light energy into the Sinus which destroys the wound and collapses the infected tract.

pilonidal cyst surgery cost in hyderabad

What are Treatments for Pilonidal Cyst or Sinus?

The Pilonidal Cyst or Sinus Surgery cost in Hyderabad depends on various factors like

  • Stage of disease – Pilonidal Abscess Surgery
  • Technique and equipment used
  • Room Category
  • For best estimation of Pilonidal Sinus Treatment Cost – consultation by surgeon is required.

How are Pilonidal Cyst or Pilonidal Sinus detected?

Usually by physical examination

Sometimes Ultrasonography, Contrast Study using the fluoroscopy or CT, MRI study to see the extent of a pilonidal cyst or pilonidal sinus

What are the risks associated with Pilonidal Cyst or Sinus?

  • Abscess formation
  • Systemic infection
  • Rarely skin cancer at the site of Pilonidal cyst or sinus

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