vasectomy surgeon near me
vasectomy surgeon near me

Why you should not Fear Male Vasectomy Operation?

  • Male sterilization is the easiest and simplest procedure than female sterilization
  • No issues in intercourse after Male Vasectomy Surgery
  • Does not affect sexual ability or performance after Vasectomy Operation
  • Does not affect sex hormones after Laser vasectomy for men
  • Does not affect other sex organs after Men Sterilization
  • Does not affect semen volume, smell, look, taste after Men Vasectomy
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What are the benefits of No Scalpel Vasectomy Surgery?

  • Painless and Bloodless Male Vasectomy Surgery
  • Minor stitch, tiny scars after no needle no scalpel vasectomy
  • 10 min of family planning operation for male
  • same-day discharge after non scalpel vasectomy
  • Resume work next day after laser male snip
  • Least risk of recurrence after Laser Male Vasectomy Surgery

What are the advantages of No Scalpel Vasectomy Surgery?

Treatment Conventional Vasectomy Surgery No Scalpel Vasectomy Surgery
Major Cuts and Wounds Yes Minor
Major Pain Painful Painless
Major Blood loss Yes No
Major Stitches Yes Minor
Rest after Vasectomy surgery 3-4 days Usually can resume work next day
Follow up after surgery Required Usually not required

What is a Vasectomy / Male Sterilization?

Vasectomy is a form of Family Planning Operation for Men. The Male Sterilisation is simple and easier than female sterlization. It prevents sperm from being released during ejaculation. Some People may refer to a no-scalpel vasectomy as a laser vasectomy.

During the procedure, the vas deferens (the sperm carrying tube) are cut or blocked.

Sperm must travel from the testicles to the man’s urethra for pregnancy to eventually occur. Sealing or cutting the vas deferens prevents sperm from reaching the urethra.

You should consider vasectomy only if you’re certain you don’t want to have any more children.

The goal of the vasectomy is for the man to have no sperm in his ejaculate so that his ejaculate cannot cause pregnancy.

How is vasectomy surgery performed?

In one of the vasectomy surgery method, the doctor makes two cuts the skin to access the vas deferens on either side of the scrotum.

In  no scalpel vasectomy operation method, the doctor access the vas deferens tubes without making a cut. They then cut and seal the tubes as usual. Then, the doctor places stitch on the skin if needed.

Doctors usually perform male vasectomy under local anesthesia.

After the Vasectomy operation for men, you’ll need to avoid sex and any strenuous activity for about a week or so.

What won’t happen after vasectomy surgery?

There’re often misconceptions or other concerns about vasectomy and side effects.

vasectomy only means that the ejaculate will not have sperm and can’t fertilize the egg. Sperm makes up less than 3 percent of your ejaculate. There’s no change in the look, taste, and amount of semen after a vasectomy.

A vasectomy operation also won’t:

  • affect masculinity or sexuality
  • affect your testosterone levels
  • change the volume of your ejaculate
  • damage to other sexual organs
  • cause severe pain
  • prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
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What is the Vasectomy Surgery Cost?

After a vasectomy, the testicles continue to make sperm. But Sperm die inside only.

When the sperm cells die, they disintegrate and are absorbed by the body.

This is the same way the body handles other types of cells that die and are replaced every day.

What happens to sperm after a male vasectomy surgery?

 The Vasectomy Operation Cost in Hyderabad ranges from Rs 15000 to Rs 60000 and depends on various factors like

  • Type of Surgery – Open Male Vasectomy, No Scalpel Vasectomy
  • Technique and equipment used – Laser, vasectomy forcep
  • Room Category

For Best Vasectomy Cost Estimation – consultation by a surgeon is required. For exact vasectomy cost, whatsapp on 7337583901.

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