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If I have a varicocele, Can I marry?

Varicocele is a very common problem affecting reproductive age men. It is effective around 10% of the total male population, though they may or may not experience the varicocele symptoms. The incidence increases to 20% in younger age groups between 15 to 25 years.
Varicocele is one of the most common causes of primary male infertility affecting almost 40% of people which increases to 80% in secondary infertility causes. Varicocele is the most widely recognized issue among fruitless men. It has become one of the primary medical problems that incredibly influence a couple of couples of conceptive ages.
Varicocele can affect the sperm quantity and quality – motility, structure, etc, but not in all patients. Varicocele patients should consult their doctor regularly, and if required get the scrotal doppler test and semen analysis done. Such a condition can be taken care of or fixed assuming it is treated on schedule.
However, one can marry without any restriction. Patients who are managing the disease can go through the treatment for help with discomfort from your doctor.
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